Medical Professionals

Commonwealth is honored to serve the medical community. Learn about the many ways we are dedicated to serving medical professionals.

Are you a part of the medical community? We support medical professionals through educational programming and specialized financial planning services.

Resident & Fellow Training

Need advice? During training, physicians are confronted with retirement plans and benefits packages, both of which require informed decision-making. Residents and fellows will need to begin charting a path for loan repayment. Exploring options for near-term savings goals, disability coverage, life insurance, and IRAs are all planning areas that every resident and fellow should begin considering. Let us help.

In-Practice Physician

Now what? Do you have a team in place? At this point, financial goals begin to take shape and strategies are put to work. Assets are growing, obligations are extinguished, and investments speed towards meeting your long-term goals. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough time for important decisions. Strategizing and meeting your goals becomes limited. Let us help.

We offer investment management and financial planning for physicians.